Norfolk Bombers owner Dave is a Roster Wars ORIGINAL and resides in Norfolk Virginia but he says he was raised and will always be a "Florida boy".  He works as a Governement Contract Specialist.  He says there is nothing unusual about himself and that everyone else is weird.  Haha.  He is a Miami Dolphins fan as you can tell from the photo above and he says "New England, Buffalo and the J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK!"  As for favoriet players, he says any that went to THE U.

He began playing fantasy football in 1998. He likes that it's a mix of skill and luck but his biggest pet peeve is that it's a mix of skill and luck.  A favorite fantasy football memory of his was back in 1999 and drafting RB Edgerrin James to have all of his buddies say "WHO???"  Dave is playing in 3 leagues these days but before Roster Wars he was playing in 8 leagues.  Since joing Roster Wars he has switched jobs twice and "managed to screw up my left ankle really bad, LOL."

Dave started tracking who the highest scoring players were by position and comparing them to the pace set by the record holders because in his second year he had a few players that were very close.  That has turned into a regular article called "View from the Bar".  He is also a member of the Roster Wars Insurance Company.