Jon aka "Jonny English" was born and bred in Leicester, England....Premier League Champions '15/'16. Happily married to his wife, Deb and no kids by choice. Jon likes kids but he likes the option to give them back after 20 minutes...err...make that 15 minutes. Jon is co-owner of a vacuum forming manufacturing company and while he likes the Pittsburgh Steelers it's really all about fantasy football for him. For some strange reason he has watched Season 1 of THE WIRE six times to give you some insight into where he's at mentally. ;)

He says his favorite offensive and defensive NFL players are Keenan Allen ("you can't beat his consistency and production as long as he's fit") and Reshad Jones ("for exactly the same reasons").
Since joining Roster Wars, life hasn't changed too much for Jon. He's working the same job and married to the same great girl and he's counting down until retirement. He had skin cancer but thankfully it was caught early on so he's had no health issues otherwise.
Jon started playing fantasy football in roughly 2008 and he loves watching the NFL games on Sundays, spending time on our forum and talking trades with other owners. The strategy of the game and the highs of winning and being right when making judgement calls gives him something fun and challenging to spend his down time on.
When asked about what his pet peeves in fantasy football are he replied "Losing to bad teams that can't put together a roster and have to start schlubs like Mercedes Lewison the week he scores 3 TDs after amassing 3 fantasy points through the first seven weeks. Stuff like that." Awfully specific!
His favorite fantasy memory is "Roster Wars Championship baby! You can never take it away. That takes some doing."
Since joining Roster Wars, Jon is rare in that he has increased the number of leagues he plays in from about 4 to 6 or 7 but he has dropped a few old leagues in favor of some new ones helmed by other Roster Wars owners. All dynasty. All IDP. #hardcore
An ORIGINAL who joined Roster Wars in 2012, Jon has been a journalist since Day 1 writing several weekly in-season articles along the way. He's also a member of the RW Insurance Company. He's a well-liked, well-respected key piece of the Roster Wars puzzle.