This is Brad and he is the owner of the Whiskey Creek Gadabouts. An ORIGINAL of Roster Wars, he's been with the club since the very beginning and his personal touch can be found all over the league from the origination of the playoff call-out setup to the monthly post tracking.

Born in Michigan, Brad lived in Phoenix for 14 years before moving to southwest Florida where he lives today with his two sons. He stopped practicing law and now works in the philanthropic arm of Cisco Systems. He enjoys traveling to the New Orleans Jazzfest because he says if you love good food and good music, it is a must attend. As for his allegiances within the NFL, he's a Detroit Lions fan and while he doesn't dislike any particular team, whoever is facing the Lions in a given week is a good place to start.

He has become very active in the soccer community in SWFL. His kids love soccer. They play, watch it on television and go to live games too. His obsession for the NFL has been replaced by his new obsession for soccer. He says he still "follows" the NFL and thinks it's strange that he became a Roster Wars champion (2016) after his attention had turned to soccer primarily.

Besides tracking owner activity for the club, Brad used to do a 1-on-1 video interview periodically with other owners of the club. Some changes in technology halted the sessions but he hopes to get back into it in the near future.

Brad started playing fantasy football in 1996. He sarcastically says he likes to play because "losing is so much fun". It used to give him a reason to watch NFL games he otherwise wouldn't care about but today it's just for the competition.

His biggest pet peeve about fantasy football is that everyone thinks they know everything so every trade that goes down is followed by 14 responses about how it's the stupidest trade ever seen.

When asked about his favorite fantasy football memory, his response was "Roster Wars champion 2016 - suck it punks!"

Brad used to play in around 5-6 leagues per season prior to joining Roster Wars but today he plays in just two leagues.

His favorite Roster Wars memories are winning the championship in 2016 (can you blame him?) and the all around good-natured ribbing we give each other.