The Indiana Mayhem are owned and operated by Carla who lives in South Bend, Indiana. The first female owner in Roster Wars, Carla's story is definitely one of the more interesting ones around. In order to really begin, one must read A Fantasy Football Odyssey by Leo Paciga which is her tale before she even reached Roster Wars.

In 2015, Carla and her friend Brian joined Roster Wars as the first (and only) co-owners in club history with their team, the Kingdom City Growlers. After one season the decision was made that it was just too hard for a team to be shared and since Carla was clearly more active, she would take over on her own and the Indiana Mayhem franchise was born January 1st, 2016.

Outside of the fantasy football hobby, Carla works for the University of Notre Dame and is married with two adult children. She loves mowing the lawn and does so twice per week but her family won't let her weed-whack because she scares them. She is a Chicago Bears fan first and foremost but also has a soft spot for the Jacksonvile Jaguars. The team she doesn't like is the Oakland Raiders.

Carla started playing fantasy football in 1998 and her favorite part is "winning" and she's done her fair share of that.  As an owner, her pet peeve in the hobby are slow drafters but as a very reputable commissioner she hates having to beg owners for the necessary information to get them paid.  Good commissioner problems.

Her favorite memories involving fantasy football are of local drafts hosted at her house which she recently got started back up in 2018.  How many leagues is Carla in you may ask...and we'd love to tell ya but nobody knows.  She is in and commishes multiple dynasty, redraft and draftmaster leagues.  She says she has not dropped any leagues since joining Roster Wars but she's always reviewing her league menu.

Since joining Roster Wars Carla has moved, seen her son get married and her daughter is soon to graduate from college.  In terms of fantasy football, she has learned a lot about the IDP side of the hobby while sticking y that she knows nothing about it. 

When it comes to contributing to what Roster Wars has been and is today, she's no slacker.  She started out being the commissioner of the now defunct Roster Wars Training Camp (RWTC) redraft version of our main league.  She has filled in numerous times to write articles when others were unable and today she is the Minor League Commissioner which means she not only owns a franchise in both the Main League and the Minor League but she oversees all league business for the latter.

Carla also has taken to changing her team colors each season which not everyone can do so that explains why you'll see variations of her designs here.

In 2017, Carla and her Indiana Mayhem captured the title of Roster Wars Champion after defeating the Hamilton SteelCats in World War VI.  Remember she said she likes winning but beware, she also says she knows nothing about IDP fantasy football.  Whatever you say, lady!