The Nevada Nighthawks are owned by Bern of Carson City, Nevada.  Originally from Emmitt, Idaho, Bern hopes to move to Las Vegas in the near future.  He married his wife JoAnn in 1992 and they have a son who is attending UNLV working towards a degree in Music Education.  They owned a towing and recovery business in Carson City for 23 years before selling it in 2017.  He's definitely not retired but now he can turn off his phone and get an uninterrupted nights sleep which is huge since the business was open days, nights, weekends and holidays.

Bern's parents emigrated to the United States from France in the early 1960's and met each other in California and got married.  When Bern was born and growing up, Basque was his first language.  He didn't start English as his second language until he started elemtary school.   Today, Bern enjoys selling things on Ebay which pays for his entertainment like fantasy football.  He says it's like treasure hunting in that you try to find something and buy it cheap and sell it for more than you paid.  When asked what his favorite NFL team is, he remarks "If the move to Vegas comes to fruition, allegiances will have to fall with the Raiders."  He doesn't dislike any team.

Bern didn't play fantasy football until 2012, but he was already playing fantasy baseball beforehand.  To say Bern's favorite part of fantasy football is STATS would a wild understatement.  You will hard-pressed to find someone more into statistics that Bern, that's for sure.  His biggest fantasy pet peeve are injuries.  "There are so many more injuries in football than baseball.  It's obviously a more violent sport than baseball.  Usually you lose 1 or 2 big players a fantasy baseball season.  Fantasy football is so many more.  I know injuries are part of the game, but having so many players go out in a short season is tough to deal with.  I think I had around 10 players go down in my first Roster Wars season."

Bern says his favorite fantasy football memory is his first Roster Wars win.  "On paper, my team wasn't going to be too good in my first season.  To have won my second game of the season, I was already feeling a bit of relief to not be winless after two weeks.  I started the season 1-3 and was already closely following the possibility of chasing PINK.  After that 4th game I won six in a row, including giving the Dragons their first loss of the season.  So I guess my entire first RW season was my favorite fantasy football memory."

Bern plays in 2 leagues.  That hasn't changed since joining Roster Wars.  He's fairly new to our club (as of 2018) so life hasn't changed much during his time here.

Bern's contribution to Roster Wars is SMAK, a very in-depth stat-centric look at Roster Wars teams and players.  He is now neck deep working on Roster Wars career stats for all players who have ever played in a Roster Wars match.  Wow!