Philadelphia Pigskins owner Matt is a Roster Wars ORIGINAL, starting with the club in 2012 and recently has been referred to as "Old Matt" since he has senority over others with his namesake.  Matt is a teacher in Philadelphia, PA who also works as an online teacher coach while working on getting his principals certification and hopes to move into administration in the near future.  Matt is also an undefeated champion in competitive beer chugging, retired with hundreds of dollars worth of victories to his name.  A Washington Redskins fan through and through, his least favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys to no surprise and his favorite NFL players are Trent Williams and Sean Taylor.

Starting his fantasy football career in 2004, Matt loves to trade.  Negotiating and the thrill of completing a deal are where it's at for him.  His biggest pet peeve is injuries early in a game leaving you with a ZERO from a player.

As for favorite fantasy football memories, Matt has a family league he has won several times but this league routinely changes the rules and settings so Matt takes pride in his ability to adjust and win again and again.  His six-year-old nephew has now joined the league and won the last two seasons, leaving Matt to question everything he knows at this point.

He plays in 4-8 leagues each season but when asked if the number has changed since joining Roster Wars, he replied "Definitely less.  Dropped out of most of my redrafts and a few dynasty leagues.  Have added a few IDP along the way, but they usually seem stale compared to RW."

Since joining Roster Wars, Matt has had plenty of life changes.  He got married, moves 3 times and changed jobs twice.  "All the changes have been upgrades so that's pretty awesome."

Matt used to write one of our Monster Matchup articles but his schedule interfered at the time.  He spent some time assisting the RWP with January Owners Meeting material.  These days he writes his annual Positional Power Rankings as well as a few random articles, is a member of our Insurance Company and he helps manage the Minor League when needed.