The Titletown Tyrants owner is Nick, a native of Green Bay, Wisconsin who joined Roster Wars during the 2015 season. The Titletown Tyrants were born on January 1st 2016. Nick is in Advertising Sales, a job he loves most of the time and gives him the flexibility to make his own schedule which allows time for his hobbies of being a Green Bay Packers fanatic, treating fantasy football like a job and coaching youth soccer. Nick and his wife have one daughter who he describes as "his pride and joy".

It's no surprise that Nick is a Green Bay Packers fan if you're on this page and your eyesight works and equally not surprising is hearing that his least favorite NFL team is the Minnesota Vikings.

Nick suspects he started playing fantasy football around 1993 at roughly ten years of age. He enjoyed drafting teams and going through the newspaper on Monday for stats. Today, he says what he likes about fantasy football is that it feeds his control freak nature. He runs his roster and for better or worse he is solely responsible for the results. He hates losing to inferior teams but when he wins he has no problem celebrating. His fondest memory was winning his first championship in a local league where he ran out into the snow-covered street and dropped to both knees and yelled "Yesssssssss Championship!!!!" into the heavens.

When we last checked in Nick was playing in three leagues, a number he says used to be higher but he's trying "cut the fat and only be in leagues I love." When he joined Roster Wars he believes he was in six leagues and it feels great to have cut down.

Since joining Roster Wars life has changed quite a bit and like many of us, it's a busy life indeed. A job change (same industry) and his daughter now in full-time soccer, girl scouts, swim and more it's no wonder he's had to cut out some leagues. He says his passion for fantasy football is even stronger however and he dives deeper into his dynasty teams these days.

When it comes to contributing to Roster Wars, Nick is no slouch. He starts by overseeing and updating the spreadsheet we use for Restricted Free Agency. From there he monitors the overall activity of all of our members and is solely responsible for updating our Activity Tracker accordingly. To top it off, Nick oversees and organizes the roles carried out by all of our members so that everyone has one and that they are being carried out appropriately. He says he loves what he does and he gets into each of these roles very much and it shows. Nick is a valuable asset to the Roster Wars Dynasty Owners Club for damn sure!